How To Beat Gennady Golovkin

Throughout his boxing career, Gennady Golovkin has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents until they are within striking range. If he is successful, Golovkin will repeatedly throw the left jab until he can get his lead left foot around the opponent’s lead foot to eliminate the small space between them. Unfortunately, when Gennady throws the punch, most of the opponents will slide out of range to avoid getting hit with the strike. Eventually, these fighters find themselves near or up against the ring ropes with little room to maneuver. Once this happens, Gennady Golovkin will pay attention to the hand placement of the opponent to determine the next course of action. For instance, if the opponent places the hands at jaw level or higher,  Golovkin will target the body by repeatedly throwing left and right hooks. This is because the opponent usually can’t drop his fists in time to block or deflect the strike. On the other hand, if the opponent places the hands below the jaw, Gennady will target the head by throwing overhand rights or left and right hooks.

However, one can argue that the recipe to defeat Gennady Golovkin is to stand your ground within the pocket. When an opponent chooses to stand in the pocket with him, Golovkin usually shells up for a couple of seconds in hopes that they start using movement again. This is because Gennady is used to the opponents trying to avoid his punches that he hasn’t developed a strategy for when they stay in the pocket. As a result of this, the opponent has a small window of opportunity to string some punches together without having to worry about being countered. For instance, Kell Brook had some success in the second round against Gennady Golovkin because he remained in the pocket which forced triple G to cover up. Once this happened,  Kell landed a left jab, hook, and uppercut as well as a right hook. Another example of this is the Daniel Jacobs fight, Jacobs decided to stay in the pocket for the second half of the bout. During these rounds, Daniel landed a substantial amount of hooks to the head and body because Golovkin was just covering up.

How To Beat Errol Spence Jr

How Errol Spence Jr Fights

Throughout his boxing career, Errol Spence Jr has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them into striking range. If Errol is successful, he will repeatedly throw the right jab to get the opponent to stand still and block the punch.

Once this happens, Spence will look to get his lead right foot around the opponent’s lead foot to eliminate the small space between them. If he can achieve the goal, Errol Spence will throw a right hook to the body followed by a left hook or straight left to the body.

For instance, against Chris Algieri, Errol repeatedly threw the right jab until Algieri decided to cover up. After Chris covered up, he moved his lead right foot around Algieri’s lead left foot and proceeded to throw a right hook to the body followed by a left hook or straight left to the body.

How To Beat Errol Spence Jr

However, one can argue that Errol Spence Jr’s fighting style will be the catalyst for his first loss. This is because every time he moves forward to close the distance, Errol always maintains his hands at or above the jawline.

Due to this, Spence is continuously giving his opponents an opportunity to land punches to the body without resistance.

As a result of this, when Errol Spence Jr comes forward, his opponent should look to duck under the jab and throw one or two punches to the body. Once the opponent is done, he should circle out of striking range in either direction.

The game plan should force Errol to regularly reset and slowly drain him of energy. If the opponent can successfully implement the game plan for the first half of the fight,

 Errol should become more of a stationary target in the latter half. As a result, he should have the opportunity to stand his ground and throw more power punches.

How To Book The Return Of Daniel Bryan 

Over the past week, the WWE announced that Daniel Bryan had been medically cleared to return to the ring as an active wrestler. According to, “following more than two years of extensive evaluations, four-time World Champion Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition… Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher”. However, the company needs to develop a storyline where they have an explanation as to why he stopped wrestling for them in case the concussions come back; or if he decided to leave the company in five months after his contract expires.

As a result, the Tuesday after WrestleMania, the new authority figure for Smackdown Live should set up a meeting with Daniel Bryan. During this meeting, the authority figure informs Daniel that he can’t be given an opportunity to compete for the title immediately. This is because I am scared to put you in a high profile matches such as championship bouts knowing that one strike could bring back the concussion symptoms. If that happened, your long-term health would be in danger, and I would lose the trust of the fans because the show didn’t deliver what was promised. The false advertisement would hurt the long-term earning potential of Smackdown Live because fans will be hesitant to buy tickets out of fear of being lied to again. Furthermore, putting you in a high profile match will anger the rest of the roster because they’ve been working hard for the past year to get in position to be in a title match.

Therefore, I have a proposal for you Daniel, why don’t you earn a title bout by trying to beat every male superstar on the roster. The plan will allow me to gauge how you stack up against the rest of the roster and whether your head is healthy enough to handle the WWE wrestling schedule. After a couple of seconds to think about the proposal, Daniel Bryan accepts the offer because he rather earn a championship opportunity than it being handed to him. The following week, Bryan beats Tye Dillinger in a very competitive bout where he shows a significant amount of ring rust. Over the next 2-3 months, he continues to defeats the jobbers of Smackdown Live and slowly starts to shake off the ring rust. At SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan faces his first real test as he squares off against Bobby Roode, in the match Bobby is the first opponent to target the head successfully. As a result of this, Bryan begins to have problems with his equilibrium which leads to him losing the bout. After the match, the authority figure orders the doctor to evaluate Daniel for a concussion, and it is determined he is okay.

Even though Daniel Bryan didn’t suffer a concussion,  the authority figure warns him that he wouldn’t be booked in bouts if that continued to happen. As a result of this, he requests to have the next few weeks off to prepare for a rematch against Roode at the next network. This is because he decides to incorporate some mixed martial arts wrestling into his style in an attempt to reduce the number of hits to the head. Due to this, Bryan spends his time off drilling single and double leg takedowns against several college wrestlers in Washington. During the rematch, Daniel stuns Bobby by immediately going for a takedown which Roode doesn’t know how to defend. After the takedown, Daniel Bryan pursues several submission holds that prevent Bobby from mounting any offense. The style pays dividends right away because he wins the contest without taking much damage.

Throughout the next two months, superstars have trouble stopping Daniel Bryan’s style because they aren’t used to defending takedowns. As a result, he can go on a prolonged winning streak without a massive amount of damage. The winning streak leads him into a match against a man who has a history of competing in MMA bouts, Shinsuke Nakamura. Due to this, Daniel knows his style isn’t going to work against him because Nakamura has been taught how to stop takedowns. Therefore, he decides to bring back his old technique to try to overcome the obstacle that is Shinsuke Nakamura. The match could go in one of two directions if  Bryan chooses to leave the company Nakamura can give him a kayfabe concussion which renders him medically unfit to compete in the WWE. On the other hand, if he stays, they can have a close match to set up a series of matches. Daniel should lose the first match of the series because he is afraid to go full speed out of fear of being injured. After the match, Bryan concludes that he must go full pace to win the series. The next four bouts go back and forth with Daniel Bryan winning the last contest and the series. The authority informs Daniel Bryan that he has passed all the tests and will get a title bout at WrestleMania 35.

In conclusion, a climb the mountain type storyline would give WWE a simple explanation as to why Daniel Bryan stopped wrestling for them in case the injury resurfaced, or he leaves. Furthermore, the company can use the storyline to explain why he is in random contest with superstars.

Bellator Has Opened The Door For Jon Jones To Fight Under USADA Suspension

Over the past week, several mixed martial arts media members have expressed concern about Bellator’s decision to book Mirko Cro Cop for their 200th event. This is because Cro Cop has yet to begin serving a two-year USADA suspension for having human growth hormone in his system before UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Masvidal. Bellator’s decision to book Mirko Cro Cop despite his USADA suspension puts at risk a well known unwritten rule among most MMA promotions and commissions. The unwritten rule states that no fighter should be given a commission license or be booked by a company until he/she has completed the suspension. This rule was meant to show competitors that if they got caught cheating, the ability to earn money would be stripped away. As a result of this, media members like Ryan Harkness of MMA Mania are asking the question does Bellator want to be known as the promotion that regularly breaks the unwritten rule. For instance, he stated in a recent article on this topic that “Bellator wants to use every single star they can get their hands on. But at the same time, do they want to be known as a promotion that ignores USADA suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs?”.

However, one can argue that Bellator broke the unwritten rule because they see a small window of opportunity to potentially sign Jon Jones in the near future. Jon Jones is currently facing a two to four-year suspension for his second violation under the USADA. The USADA violations are related to Jones ingesting substances that were banned by the agency. For example, according to ESPN, Jones was suspended for a year by USADA on November 7th of 2016 (“retroactive to July 6, the date Jones was pulled from a UFC 200 pay-per-view title fight”). This is because Jones tested positive for “the banned substances clomiphene and letrozole” which can be found in male enchantment drugs. A year later, Jon Jones committed another violation after he tested positive for turinabol in a drug test leading up to UFC 214. Due to this, if USADA decides to suspend him for four years retroactive to July 29th there is a possibility that he requests his release; to continue fighting elsewhere until the suspension is complete. If the UFC grants his freedom, Bellator would have real interest in signing Jon Jones because they have already established that entertainment is more important than the health of the sport.

As a result, if  Bellator and Jon Jones agreed to a contract, he would instantly become the company’s biggest television and pay per view star. According to, the worst pay per view headlined by Jones had over three hundred thousand buys which is more than both Bellator pay per views. Furthermore, Jon is still considered one of the greatest of all time thus his potential presence in the company could entice free agents to jump ship. This is because these free agents would have the opportunity to be recognized as the first fighter to beat Jon Jones.