How Josh Allen Can Become A Successful NFL Quarterback

Throughout the 2017 season, the Wyoming Cowboys implemented an offensive system centered around the shotgun formation. For instance, their quarterback Josh Allen lined up about five yards behind the center with a running back beside or behind him and a two to four wide receiver set. Once the ball is snapped, Josh will look to throw the ball about ten yards downfield to a receiver on a curl, corner, in or out route. But if Josh Allen senses pressure, he will scramble mostly to the right to keep the play alive or to pick up yards with his feet. However, there are some instances where Allen will be under center to hand the ball off or run a play action pass.

As a result of this, the NFL team who selects Josh Allen in the 2018 draft should develop an offensive system similar to the Wyoming Cowboys. This is because Allen has developed a habit of throwing the ball from shotgun that it is the fastest way for him to be successful. On the other hand, if the NFL team wants him to be under center, it will take Allen one to two years of repetitions to get used to throwing the ball off of 3 to 5 step drops. Furthermore, Josh will have to get comfortable with defensive pressure getting to him sooner because he is going to line up closer to the defense.

Unfortunately, most NFL teams won’t give Josh Allen the proper amount of time to learn how to play under center. This is because ownership will put pressure on the coaching staff to play Josh within the first year in an attempt to show the public that they made the right decision. Due to this, the team would call a lot of passing plays to give him a chance to demonstrate that he is a franchise quarterback and is capable of making all the necessary throws to lead the team to victory. While it is reasonable to expect an organization to give their new investment many opportunities to prove themselves at a certain point, it will affect the performance of the rest of the team. For instance, if Allen gets the chance to throw a lot, the offense will spend less time on the field because of incompletions, interceptions or sacks that result in short drives. As a result, the defense would have to go back on the field without the proper amount of rest which leads to the unit being more susceptible to giving up yards and points. Since they would be unable regain some energy between possessions to be able to stop the opposing offense.

In conclusion, installing a similar system to the Wyoming Cowboys will allow Josh Allen to be ready to play much sooner. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of ownership looking good when they force the coaching staff to play Allen because he is fully prepared.