Derrick Rose Should Be Coming Off The Bench Next Season

Even though the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in pursuing Derrick Rose to be their starting point guard next season, it is best if Rose came off the bench for the rest of his career. Over the past thirteen years, the NBA style of play has transitioned from an isolation based offense to a pick and roll based offense. Before the 2004 season, NBA teams would have one of their guards bring the ball up the floor until they reached the three-point line. Once this happened, the guard would pass the ball into the low post where the big man would attempt to back down the defender with one of his shoulders and shoot a hook shot, turnaround jumper or dunk. Furthermore, on occasion, the guard would attempt to score the ball himself by taking a couple of steps in pass the three-point line and trying to shoot over the defender or go around him to attack the basket.

However, during the 2004 season, the Phoenix Suns started to experience success running the Mike D’antoni pick and roll offense. This offense hinged upon the point guard bring the ball up to the three point line and then a big man setting a screen. Once the screen was established the point guard would pay attention to his defender to determine the next course of action, for instance, if the defender went under the screen, the point guard would go over the screen and take the wide open shot. On the other hand, if the defender went over the screen, the point guard would go over the screen as well and drive towards the basket where he would score or pass the ball to the player next to him or to the perimeter depending on whether he was double teamed or not. This system helped the Phoenix Suns reach the Western Conference finals in back to back years (2005, 2006) which forced the rest of the league to incorporate more pick and roll sets into their offense.

Due to the transition in style of play, there have been some players who exhibit traits of both styles. For instance, Derrick Rose is a who likes to bring the ball up to the three point line and call for the screen. Once this happens, he will go over the screen and attack the basket if the defender is close to him. On the other hand, if the defender leaves him wide open once he gets over the screen he will shoot a mid-range jumper. However during these pick and roll sequences, Rose tends to forget that he has teammates on the court with him and will try to play hero ball. As a result of this, if a team signs Rose to be their starting point guard next season they have to be aware opposing team will leave him wide open to score the ball. Therefore it is best if Rose became a bench player who can shoot as much as he wants in five to ten-minute spurts without having to worry about getting others involved.