How To Book The Return Of Daniel Bryan 

Over the past week, the WWE announced that Daniel Bryan had been medically cleared to return to the ring as an active wrestler. According to, “following more than two years of extensive evaluations, four-time World Champion Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition… Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher”. However, the company needs to develop a storyline where they have an explanation as to why he stopped wrestling for them in case the concussions come back; or if he decided to leave the company in five months after his contract expires.

As a result, the Tuesday after WrestleMania, the new authority figure for Smackdown Live should set up a meeting with Daniel Bryan. During this meeting, the authority figure informs Daniel that he can’t be given an opportunity to compete for the title immediately. This is because I am scared to put you in a high profile matches such as championship bouts knowing that one strike could bring back the concussion symptoms. If that happened, your long-term health would be in danger, and I would lose the trust of the fans because the show didn’t deliver what was promised. The false advertisement would hurt the long-term earning potential of Smackdown Live because fans will be hesitant to buy tickets out of fear of being lied to again. Furthermore, putting you in a high profile match will anger the rest of the roster because they’ve been working hard for the past year to get in position to be in a title match.

Therefore, I have a proposal for you Daniel, why don’t you earn a title bout by trying to beat every male superstar on the roster. The plan will allow me to gauge how you stack up against the rest of the roster and whether your head is healthy enough to handle the WWE wrestling schedule. After a couple of seconds to think about the proposal, Daniel Bryan accepts the offer because he rather earn a championship opportunity than it being handed to him. The following week, Bryan beats Tye Dillinger in a very competitive bout where he shows a significant amount of ring rust. Over the next 2-3 months, he continues to defeats the jobbers of Smackdown Live and slowly starts to shake off the ring rust. At SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan faces his first real test as he squares off against Bobby Roode, in the match Bobby is the first opponent to target the head successfully. As a result of this, Bryan begins to have problems with his equilibrium which leads to him losing the bout. After the match, the authority figure orders the doctor to evaluate Daniel for a concussion, and it is determined he is okay.

Even though Daniel Bryan didn’t suffer a concussion,  the authority figure warns him that he wouldn’t be booked in bouts if that continued to happen. As a result of this, he requests to have the next few weeks off to prepare for a rematch against Roode at the next network. This is because he decides to incorporate some mixed martial arts wrestling into his style in an attempt to reduce the number of hits to the head. Due to this, Bryan spends his time off drilling single and double leg takedowns against several college wrestlers in Washington. During the rematch, Daniel stuns Bobby by immediately going for a takedown which Roode doesn’t know how to defend. After the takedown, Daniel Bryan pursues several submission holds that prevent Bobby from mounting any offense. The style pays dividends right away because he wins the contest without taking much damage.

Throughout the next two months, superstars have trouble stopping Daniel Bryan’s style because they aren’t used to defending takedowns. As a result, he can go on a prolonged winning streak without a massive amount of damage. The winning streak leads him into a match against a man who has a history of competing in MMA bouts, Shinsuke Nakamura. Due to this, Daniel knows his style isn’t going to work against him because Nakamura has been taught how to stop takedowns. Therefore, he decides to bring back his old technique to try to overcome the obstacle that is Shinsuke Nakamura. The match could go in one of two directions if  Bryan chooses to leave the company Nakamura can give him a kayfabe concussion which renders him medically unfit to compete in the WWE. On the other hand, if he stays, they can have a close match to set up a series of matches. Daniel should lose the first match of the series because he is afraid to go full speed out of fear of being injured. After the match, Bryan concludes that he must go full pace to win the series. The next four bouts go back and forth with Daniel Bryan winning the last contest and the series. The authority informs Daniel Bryan that he has passed all the tests and will get a title bout at WrestleMania 35.

In conclusion, a climb the mountain type storyline would give WWE a simple explanation as to why Daniel Bryan stopped wrestling for them in case the injury resurfaced, or he leaves. Furthermore, the company can use the storyline to explain why he is in random contest with superstars.

How To Book Ronda Rousey In The WWE

After many months of speculation on when Ronda Rousey would sign a WWE contract, the company officially announced the signing after the 2018 Royal Rumble. According to ESPN, “Ronda Rousey has agreed to terms with WWE to perform for the company as a full-time professional wrestler.” However, for Rousey to be a successful character, she must embrace her previous failures.

Due to this, the WWE should attempt to convince Ronda on the idea of doing a documentary or sit down interview about her failures. During the discussion, she could explain that her failures to have mental breakdowns because she invests a lot of time and energy into preparing for an athletic competition. When a person trains for a contest, they usually spend several hours a day studying or practicing the game plan for the opposition. As the bout approaches, the person starts to gain confidence because he or she is aware that they left no stone unturned. Therefore if the person loses the contest, they experience an emotional and mental breakdown because that person can’t deal with another competitor being better than them.

After the interview airs, a woman superstar should cut a promo on how Rousey is a liar and that she runs away from her problems. For instance, they could point out how Ronda didn’t train for multiple months after her loss to Holly Holm. Furthermore, the person can mention how Ronda didn’t seek an immediate rematch in an attempt to avenge her loss versus Holm. The following week, Ronda cuts a promo acknowledging that there is a history of her running away from problems but states that she is a different person now. Over the next couple weeks, the woman keeps mentioning her failures to get Ronda to snap and have a breakdown. Unfortunately, her attempts are unsuccessful, but Rousey challenges the woman to a match because she is tired of being ridiculed for her past transgressions.

During this match, she has the woman in the armbar, and the woman decides to turn over on her stomach to get on her knees and begin standing up. Once she is up on her feet, she wants to punch Rousey in an attempt to loosen the submission repeatedly. However, before she can do that the referee starts counting because Ronda’s shoulders are on the mat. The woman wins the match because Rousey isn’t used to the rules of professional wrestling. On the next set of TV tapings, the woman brags about how she won and that Rousey won’t be coming back because of her track record after losses. However, Ronda Rousey comes out and says I want a rematch at the next network special. At the event,  Rousey beats the woman and cuts a promo where she states don’t make the mistakes I’ve made, always face your problems head-on instead of running away from them.

In conclusion, this type of storyline would add some depth to the Ronda Rousey character and hopefully it would help her start a long-lasting connection with WWE fans.

The UFC Should Book Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis In 2018

Moments ago,  Jose Aldo was defeated by Max Holloway in their rematch for the UFC Featherweight championship. The second straight loss to Holloway signifies the 3rd loss in four fights as well as a dead-end in the division. This is because there is no realistic way for him to showcase how he has improved his skills by facing fighters who he already beat.

Due to the current state of Jose Aldo’s career, the company should look to book him at lightweight vs. an opponent who is on a prolonged losing streak and will allow him to showcase his fighting style. During his UFC tenure, Aldo has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them into striking range. If Jose is successful, he will feint or throw the left jab followed by a straight/ overhand right to get the opponent to raise their hands to block the punches. When the adversary raises their hands, it gives him an opportunity to use the right leg kick without having to worry about the opponent catching the kick. For instance, during his fight against Ricardo Lamas, Jose feinted or threw the left jab followed by a straight/ overhand right. The strategy forced Lamas to elevate his hands by a couple of inches to shield his face from the punches. As a result, Jose had an open window to throw and land the right leg kick because Lamas’s hands were out of range to catch the kick. Eventually, the strategy helped Jose Aldo pick up a unanimous decision victory over Ricardo Lamas.

Jose Aldo vs Ricardo Lamas Fight Video – UFC 169

Therefore, one can argue that Anthony Pettis is the perfect opponent for Jose Aldo to face in his next fight. During his career, Pettis has developed a pattern of stocking his opponents until he is within striking range. If Pettis is successful, he will repeatedly throw the straight right to get the opponent to raise their hands to block the punches. Once this happens, Pettis begins to target the midsection of his adversaries with a right knee or kick to the area. As a result of Pettis’s fighting style, Jose Aldo doesn’t have to worry about kicks being caught which will allow him to showcase his fighting style. Not only is Anthony Pettis a favorable matchup for Jose Aldo but he is also on a prolonged losing streak. According to, Anthony Pettis has lost five of his last seven fights in the UFC.

Jim Miller vs. Anthony Pettis Full Fight

Furthermore,  Jose Aldo was previously scheduled to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 163 because there were no real challenges in the featherweight division. Unfortunately, Pettis was forced to pull out of the fight due to a knee injury he sustained. As a result, the UFC can use their history to showcase how they were scheduled to meet in a super fight, but injuries derailed the opportunity. However, since that moment,  their respective careers have taken a nose dive, and now they’re once again in need of each other, but this time it is merely to get their careers back on track.