The Oklahoma City Thunder Should Target Michael Beasley At The NBA Trade Deadline

Throughout this season, the Oklahoma City Thunder have implemented an offensive system that is centered around the pick and roll and post-ups for the second unit. For instance, the point guard would bring the ball up to the three-point line and then a big man would set a screen. Once the pick was set the point guard would pay attention to his defender to determine the next course of action, for instance, if the defender went under the screen, the point guard would go over it and take the wide-open shot. On the other hand, if the defender went over the screen, the point guard would go over it as well and drive towards the basket where he would score or pass the ball to the player next to him or to the perimeter depending on whether he was double teamed or not.

However, there are occasions when the Oklahoma City Thunder will send a big man in the low block to post up. For instance, the point guard will bring the ball up to the three-point line and passes it to a big man in the low post area. Once that happens, the big man will attempt to back down the defender with one of his shoulders to get within comfortable range to shoot a jump hook. Another example of this is when the point guard will bring the ball up to the three-point line and passes it to another perimeter player. The second perimeter will either dump the ball into the post or give it to a third perimeter player, and he will throw it into the low to mid-block to start the process of attempting to get a jump hook. Unfortunately, the second unit for the Thunder is struggling to score points as they’re currently 28th in the league in bench scoring averaging 24.9 points per game.

As a result of this, the team should target a Michael Beasley trade at the NBA trade deadline. This is because Beasley has been primarily known for his ability to score the basketball in various ways like post-ups. For instance, when Michael Beasley receives the ball in the mid to low post he likes to shoot a turn around jumper, face up to shoot over the defender or face up to drive to the basket and shoot a layup. Not only can Beasley score in the post but he has also shown the ability to score as the screen in the pick and roll.  For instance, if his defender decides to come up and defend the point guard, Mike will roll to the basket to shoot a layup or dunk the ball.  On the other hand, if his defender decides to stay back he will pop out to the three-point line to act like he is going to shoot, but once the ball is in his hands, he drives.

In conclusion,  Michael Beasley’s skill set is a perfect fit with the Thunder’s system which can immediately help the team’s bench scoring. As a result, Billy Donovan can afford to give his superstars more rest because he won’t have to worry about the bench, not scoring points. Furthermore, the team does not have to worry about being in a long-term commitment with Beasley as he is on a one-year deal.

Alberto El Patron Should Join LAX At Bound For Glory 

About four months ago, several media outlets reported that Alberto El Patron was involved in a domestic violence incident with WWE superstar Paige at the Orlando airport. According to TMZ, “Orlando PD was contacted around 3 PM on Sunday” July 9th “after Alberto — real name Jose Rodriguez — allegedly roughed up a female companion.” Once the cops arrived at the scene, they determined more information was needed before anyone could be arrested or charged with a crime. As a result, the Orlando police department launched an investigation in hopes of getting more details about the incident between Alberto El Patron and Paige.

However, the Orlando police department wouldn’t be the only ones investigating the matter. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, on July 10th the employer of Alberto, GFW/ Impact Wrestling stated that they would conduct their investigation into the incident. 11 days later, the Orlando police department informs Pro Wrestling Sheet that their inquiry concluded that; “Paige is the one who should be charged for domestic violence, they no longer view El Patron as a suspect.” While Alberto El Patron was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Orlando police department, GFW/ Impact Wrestling continued to investigate the matter until August 14th. On that day, GFW/ Impact Wrestling decided to indefinitely suspend Alberto El Patron and strip him of the Global Championship. According to their website, the company stated that they “have communicated with El Patron our decision to strip him of his championship title. No decision has been taken as to the date on which he will be reinstated to the roster”. However, about a month later the company announced that El Patron would return at Bound For Glory on November 5th.

Furthermore, the company aired a video package on Impact this week asking “What will he do?” when he returns. Due to this video package, one would expect the company to have El Patron in a major role on TV immediately. The easiest way to re-introduce Alberto as a major character is by having him join LAX at Bound For Glory. Alberto should come out during the 5150 street fight when OVE is getting beat down by all of LAX to make it appear like he will help OVE. Once he enters the ring, Alberto will attack OVE and help LAX recapture the tag team titles. Later in the evening, Eli Drake is shown backstage on the phone saying “will you help me defeat Johnny Impact in exchange for cash and a future title shot,” Drake proceeds to smile. During the main event, Drake hits the referee with the title by accident and waves to the back. LAX comes out to attack Johnny Impact and help Eli Drake retain the Global Championship.

During the next Impact episode, Alberto El Patron cuts a promo where he admits that Carlos was right that management doesn’t want Latino wrestlers to succeed. “First they stripped me of the world title after beating Bobby Lashley on this very show, then they stripped me for a second time after I was cleared of any wrongdoing in the domestic violence incident. Lastly, they refused to give Low-Ki a one on one match for the vacant title after I was suspended indefinitely, which is why he left. With that being said, Eli Drake, i want my title shot next week, ” and Drake reluctantly agrees. During that match, Johnny Impact interferes to attack Alberto El Patron causing the disqualification. Eventually, it leads to a triple threat match where El Patron pins Impact to win the championship.

The WWE Will Regret Booking Samoa Joe Vs. Brock Lesnar At Great Balls Of Fire

Even though Samoa Joe won the fatal five-way match at Extreme Rules to become the number-one contender for Brock Lesnar’s universal title at Great Balls Of Fire; there is a reason to believe that this decision should have a long-term adverse effect on the company. Over the past five months, the WWE has portrayed Samoa Joe as a hired gun for the McMahon family because he believed that Triple H was the only person who was willing to give him an opportunity in the company. As a result of this, Joe decided to pledge his loyalty to HHH and follow his orders at all times. A perfect example of this is when Seth Rollins was about to fight Triple H for the first time since he screwed him out of the universal title, Joe came from behind and attacked Seth for Triple H.

However, during the assault, Joe injured Seth’s knee as he was putting him in the Coquina Clutch submission hold. In fact, the Coquina Clutch mishap prevented Rollins from participating in a match for about eight weeks as he sustained a torn MCL. Due to this, Joe didn’t get the opportunity to complete his first job for the McMahon family of eliminating Rollins once and for all. As a result, the company decided to create a feud between Joe and Rollins where Seth would look to get revenge on Joe for the knee injury; and Joe would get the opportunity to complete the job. However, over the past two months, Joe hasn’t been able to get the job done as he repeatedly attacks Rollins during Raw matches but can’t pick up a win against him on pay per view.

Therefore, the WWE has to find a way to explain why Joe will be ok with putting his unfinished business with Seth Rollins on the backburner to go and face Lesnar. As a result, I hope the company sets up a backstage segment where Rollins is being interviewed for a match, and Joe attacks him, which leads to Seth being out of action for a couple of weeks. The following week Joe cuts a promo saying I attacked Rollins to make sure that he doesn’t get involved in my match with Lesnar. Although his idea will not go according to plan as Rollins will show up and cost him the match; leading to a final fight between Joe and Rollins at Summerslam. However, this type of booking will affect Lesnar’s next feud with Bruan Strowman because he is currently scheduled to win the fight since the company wants Lesnar to hold the title until Wrestlemania. In fact, according to the Wrestling Observer, “WWE is planning to have Lesnar and Reigns clash for the Universal Championship at next year’s WrestleMania in New Orleans.” As a result, how is Lesnar supposed to beat the monstrous heel Bruan Strowman on his own when Seth Rollins is going to help him beat Joe. On the other hand, if the company decides to have Lesnar demolish Joe how does the company realistic set up Rollins versus Joe.

In conclusion, this match will have adverse effects on multiple characters within the organization.