Vasyl Lomachenko In A Boxing Ring

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Vasyl Lomachenko’s Fighting Style

Throughout his boxing career, Vasyl Lomachenko has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them inside striking range. If he is successful, Vasyl will use a combination of head feints and right jabs to get his lead right foot around the opponent’s lead foot to eliminate the small space between them. Assuming he can achieve the goal, Lomachenko will throw the right jab followed by either the straight left or right uppercut to the head. However, if he can’t accomplish the goal, Vasyl will pivot into the lead hand of the opponent to get his lead right foot around the opponent’s lead foot to eliminate the small space between them. The pivot gives Lomachenko a wide-open angle to land the right jab followed by either the straight left, right uppercut or left a hook to the head without being countered. After this happens, the opponent is forced to raise his hands to block Vasyl’s punches which opens the door for him to attack the body with a straight left or hooks.

How To Beat Vasyl Lomachenko

However, one can argue that Vasyl Lomachenko’s fighting style will be the catalyst for his second loss. This is because Vasyl will linger in in the pocket for a couple of seconds after throwing a combination with his hands positioned at or above the jawline. Due to this, Lomachenko is continuously giving his opponents a small window to land punches to the body without resistance. As a result of this, when he lingers in the pocket, the opponent should either throw a couple of punches aimed at the body or extend his arms to get a clinch and then attack the body. After this happens, the opponent should either cover up or slightly slide back to avoid much damage until Vasyl is done. When Lomachenko is finished with the combination, the opponent should restart the process of attacking the body.  If the opponent can successfully implement the game plan for the first half of the fight, Vasyl should become more of a stationary target in the latter half. As a result, he should have the opportunity to stand his ground and throw more power punches.


How To Beat Vasyl Lomachenko
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How To Beat Vasyl Lomachenko
Vasyl Lomachenko will linger in in the pocket for a couple of seconds after throwing a combination with his hands positioned at or above the jawline. Due to this, he is continuously giving his opponents a small window to land punches to the body without resistance.
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