Sami Zayn’s Heel Turn Has Been Brewing Since NXT

Last night at the WWE Hell in a Cell event, Kevin Owens managed to defeat Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match with a surprise assist from his former friend Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn decided to pull Owens off the announce table just before Shane was able to land the elbow from the top of the cage. As a result of this, Shane McMahon fell on an empty table and didn’t move for the rest of the match which allowed Sami Zayn to drag Owens onto Shane for the win. Sami Zayn’s actions surprised some wrestling fans because he and Owens have been feuding in the WWE universe for 2.5 years.

But in reality, Zayn’s heel turn should be an admission that Kevin Owens was right all along. When Owens debuted in NXT, his number one priority was to find the fastest track to win the NXT title because; it would allow him to earn more money to provide a better lifestyle for his family while at the same time forcing management to realize that he was an impact player. Due to this, Owens attacked Zayn after he won the NXT title because Kevin knew that he would be an emotional wreck. Zayn went through a range of emotions, from the start he wanted an explanation but once he realized that Kevin only cared about himself, Sami wanted revenge on Owens. Ultimately Kevin Owens was able to take advantage Zayn’s emotions to win the NXT title.

Over the next year and a half, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had different goals for their careers. Kevin Owens wanted to find the fastest way to make a name for himself on the main roster. As a result, he decided to attack the face of the WWE John Cena during a United States title open challenge segment. His actions led to a three-month feud with Cena which helped him get the attention of management and the WWE universe. Once the feud with John Cena concluded, he decided that he was going to pursue championships and Owens went on to win the Intercontinental title followed by the Universal title. On the other hand, Sami Zayn was only focused on getting revenge on Owens for what happened in NXT. Most of his TV appearances involved a fight with Kevin Owens or wrestling a match to get a shot at Owens.

Last night Sami Zayn realized that his obsession with getting revenge on Kevin Owens wasn’t progressing his career. Zayn probably concluded that he should follow the blueprint of Owens to find and take advantage of an opportunity that would fast-track your career. As a result, he decided to get involved in the Hell in a Cell match because Shane is one of the most important characters on SmackDown Live thus it was the easiest/fastest way to get the attention of management and the WWE universe. This decision will help him become one of the most important wrestlers on SmackDown Live.



The WWE Will Regret Booking Samoa Joe Vs. Brock Lesnar At Great Balls Of Fire

Even though Samoa Joe won the fatal five-way match at Extreme Rules to become the number-one contender for Brock Lesnar’s universal title at Great Balls Of Fire; there is a reason to believe that this decision should have a long-term adverse effect on the company. Over the past five months, the WWE has portrayed Samoa Joe as a hired gun for the McMahon family because he believed that Triple H was the only person who was willing to give him an opportunity in the company. As a result of this, Joe decided to pledge his loyalty to HHH and follow his orders at all times. A perfect example of this is when Seth Rollins was about to fight Triple H for the first time since he screwed him out of the universal title, Joe came from behind and attacked Seth for Triple H.

However, during the assault, Joe injured Seth’s knee as he was putting him in the Coquina Clutch submission hold. In fact, the Coquina Clutch mishap prevented Rollins from participating in a match for about eight weeks as he sustained a torn MCL. Due to this, Joe didn’t get the opportunity to complete his first job for the McMahon family of eliminating Rollins once and for all. As a result, the company decided to create a feud between Joe and Rollins where Seth would look to get revenge on Joe for the knee injury; and Joe would get the opportunity to complete the job. However, over the past two months, Joe hasn’t been able to get the job done as he repeatedly attacks Rollins during Raw matches but can’t pick up a win against him on pay per view.

Therefore, the WWE has to find a way to explain why Joe will be ok with putting his unfinished business with Seth Rollins on the backburner to go and face Lesnar. As a result, I hope the company sets up a backstage segment where Rollins is being interviewed for a match, and Joe attacks him, which leads to Seth being out of action for a couple of weeks. The following week Joe cuts a promo saying I attacked Rollins to make sure that he doesn’t get involved in my match with Lesnar. Although his idea will not go according to plan as Rollins will show up and cost him the match; leading to a final fight between Joe and Rollins at Summerslam. However, this type of booking will affect Lesnar’s next feud with Bruan Strowman because he is currently scheduled to win the fight since the company wants Lesnar to hold the title until Wrestlemania. In fact, according to the Wrestling Observer, “WWE is planning to have Lesnar and Reigns clash for the Universal Championship at next year’s WrestleMania in New Orleans.” As a result, how is Lesnar supposed to beat the monstrous heel Bruan Strowman on his own when Seth Rollins is going to help him beat Joe. On the other hand, if the company decides to have Lesnar demolish Joe how does the company realistic set up Rollins versus Joe.

In conclusion, this match will have adverse effects on multiple characters within the organization.

Bray Wyatt Should Be The Catalyst For The Rebirth Of Broken Matt Hardy

Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports that the WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling in regards to releasing the rights of the “Broken Matt Hardy” character. According to, “Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling to use the character on television.” As a result of this, the WWE has allowed Matt Hardy to start teasing the return of the character in the ring. For instance, the company has begun to keep the camera on Hardy when is making the delete motion which wasn’t the case for his return at Wrestlemania. Furthermore, Hardy has hinted on Twitter that the character is close to returning. For example, on April 28th he stated that “The OBSOLETE Owl cannot evade my #BROKENBrilliance by flying away.. DELETION is coming”. Although it is exciting to hear that the return of the broken character is imminent, the company needs to develop a storyline that causes Hardy to transition into the character. This is because a significant portion of the company’s fan base doesn’t watch any wrestling outside of the WWE. Therefore if Hardy were to transform into the character without an explanation some of the fan base will be confused.

As a result, I suggest that Bray Wyatt show up on Raw tomorrow night and start attacking random wrestlers because out of anger; that he wasn’t able to exact revenge on Randy Orton for burning down the resting place of Sister Abigail. One of the wrestlers he chooses to attack is Bo Dallas (his brother in real life) and decides to take him hostage. The following week the Hardy Boyz cut a promo saying that we have beaten every tag team on the Raw roster except the Revival; who are currently out of action due to Dash Wilder suffering a fractured jaw. As a result, they issue an open challenge to anybody backstage which leads to Bray coming out with Bo in Wyatt family ring attire. These four men have a match that ends in a double count out because they are brawling. The next week, the Hardy Boyz call out the Wyatt family because they have unfinished business with them. Due to this, they have another match which also ends in a count out due to brawling once again. However, in this brawl, the Hardys place Bo on a table which leads to Jeff jumping off a ladder onto Bo. Shortly after that Michael Cole announces that Bo is out indefinitely with broken ribs.

The following week Bray cuts a promo saying that the Hardy’s tried to eliminate the only thing he has left to care about which is his remaining disciple Bo Dallas and for that it has now become personal. As Raw is coming to a close Bray is shown in front of Matt Hardy’s house inferring that he is about to take his family hostage. The following week, Matt shows up at the arena pissed off looking for Bray because he can’t find his wife and kids. He is unable to find Bray in the stadium which leads him to call Orton in search of Bray’s address, and he gets it. He goes to the address but nobody is there, and he emotionally breaks down. The next week Matt goes to the ring and says I will sit here until someone tells me where Bray is and he proceeds to stay there for twenty minutes beating down every single wrestler that comes out while making noises from the broken character. For the next couple of weeks, this process continues until Bray shows up on the screen and says let’s have an unsanctioned fight at this address where your family is. In the buildup to the fight, Matt declares himself broken beyond repair and says to Bray you will find out what my broken condition is all about. Eventually, Matt wins the fight and gets his family back.

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The WWE Has Dropped The Ball With Samoa Joe

Over the past two months, the WWE has portrayed Samoa Joe as a hired gun for the McMahon family because he believed that Triple H was the only person who was willing to give him an opportunity in the company. As a result of this, Joe decided to pledge his loyalty to HHH and follow his orders at all times. A perfect example of this is when Seth Rollins was about to fight Triple H for the first time since he screwed him out of the universal title, Joe came from behind and attacked Seth for Triple H. However, over the past week, Vince has completely undone the purpose behind his character. This is because Joe didn’t come out to help HHH in his match vs. Seth. Therefore Vince essentially told the fans that the backstory to Joe’s character was a complete lie. If Vince wanted HHH and Seth to have a match without any interference, he could’ve told the creative team to write a backstage segment where HHH tells Joe not to interfere. Unfortunately, this did not happen which erased the purpose of Joe’s character and why he came to the main roster in the first place.

Samoa Joe ambushes Seth Rollins: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

Wwe Raw 2-13-2017 Samoa Joe Interview With Michael Cole

If the WWE wanted to portray Samoa Joe as a hired gun for the McMahon family, they should’ve shown HHH backstage on the phone discussing a contract with an unknown person. Later that evening HHH calls out Seth for a fight, as Seth is coming to the ring Joe attacks him. Next week, HHH cuts a promo saying that I’ve hired Joe to soften Seth up for Wrestlemania. Over the next couple of weeks, Seth would try to find HHH, but each time he got close to him Joe would be there to protect HHH and in the process soften up Seth. During Wrestlemania Joe would help HHH win the match and the next night he would receive an envelope full of money as his job was complete. In the next few months the McMahon family would repeatedly call Joe to handle their problems, and once he was done, he got the envelope. After a few months of being a hired gun, Joe would cut a promo thanking the McMahon family for giving him the opportunity to give his family the life he never had financially. As a result of this, his priorities in the WWE have changed because he no longer is offering his services to be a hired gun and will shift his focus towards getting the universal title. The McMahon family is enraged by the news because they have nobody else to do their dirty work. Due to this, HHH attacks him setting up a Wrestlemania match which Joe wins thus opening the door for him to enter the title picture.

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