Impact Wrestling Is Mishandling The Grand Championship 

Over the past nine months, Impact Wrestling  has used the grand championship as an opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of mixed martial arts. The idea behind this new belt/division was to introduce a new match style to fans where wrestlers would compete under MMA style rules. This contest consists of three separate rounds with a three-minute time limit per round and a ten point must scoring system. While the company has managed to copy the format of an MMA bout successfully, they continue to overlook one aspect that was vital to the success of the sport. The majority of contest in MMA are nontitle fights between two fighters in a particular division. The system allows a fighter to earn a title shot by defeating multiple people in the division over the course of several bouts. Furthermore, it allows fans to follow a fighters trajectory which makes it easier to understand how they earned the number one contender spot. Unfortunately, Impact has ignored that system as they have been giving title shots to wrestlers who haven’t earned it. For example, Impact management gave Marshe Rockett a title shot because he asked their champion “Moose” for one on social media.

Therefore if Impact Wrestling wants to make the grand championship a staple of their organization, they need to figure out a system where wrestlers can go about earning a title shot. As a result, I suggest that the company create a ten man tournament to develop a ranking system where a wrestler’s ranking would be based on when he is eliminated. For instance, if a wrestler won the tournament he would get the next title shot but if he were the first elimination his ranking would be tenth. After the tournament is over, the champion would face the number one contender at a later date, and the rest of the wrestlers would fight each other to climb the rankings. Furthermore, if a new person wants to enter the mix, he must beat all ten wrestlers to get a shot. On the other hand, if the company isn’t committed to the idea it should be scrapped.

Impact Wrestling Has An Opportunity To Book LAX Vs Decay 2.0 At Bound For Glory ( 2017)

Over the past week, Impact Wrestling has portrayed Rosemary as a character who is very upset at the Latin American Xchange for putting her stablemates out of action. But she realizes that it is not the right time to exact vengeance on LAX because they are aware that she wants payback and are on high alert. Therefore she is going to wait a few months before exacting revenge on them in hopes that they have completely forgotten about Decay and are caught by surprise. Rosemary has alluded to this train of thought on her personal Twitter account as she stated that; “And yet.. You will never be free of #DeathDealers.. Vengeance is in the air.. Listen.. Wait.. #DeathOfTheFamily”.

As a result, I expect Impact Wrestling to start shooting backstage segments with Rosemary the week after Slammiversary where she tries to convince several wrestlers to join her cause. After a couple of weeks of rejection, she realizes that Bram is her only option left but is scared to ask him because Decay took him hostage last year in their quest to convince him to join the family. Eventually, she gets the courage to ask him, and Bram is hesitant to accept because of their past thus she decides to go to the ring and cost LAX a non title match in the first step of her plan to exact revenge. Although she was able to successfully spit the mist into the eyes of Ortiz to cost them the match; Rosemary left herself vulnerable as Homicide and Diamante got a hold of her before she could get backstage. As a result of this, she was thrown back into the ring and LAX decided to trap her in a corner for Diamante to beat her down. During the beat down Bram realizes that nobody is coming out to help her and decides to make the save but he cannot overcome the odds. The next week Bram cuts a promo where he agrees to help her but says we need at least one more member to withstand/ overcome their advantage. Due to this, he calls out his DCC tag team partner Eddie Kingston to form a new version of Decay which leads to Decay vs. LAX at Bound For Glory. For this pay per view event,  Impact could choose to go in two different directions, Diamante vs. Rosemary followed by a tag team match between Santana/Ortiz vs. Bram/Kingston or a mixed six-person tag match.


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Impact Wrestling Should Have EC3 And Eli Drake Form An Alliance In The Near Future

Over the past month and a half, the new creative team for Impact Wrestling has decided to portray EC3 as a character who is being disrespected by the new management. For instance, last week Bruce Prichard announced that James Storm won the poll to determine who will get a chance to compete for the world heavyweight title this week against Bobby Lashley. Due to this, EC3 confronted Prichard in the ring to ask him whether the poll was rigged because he believes that he is more popular than Storm. Prichard proceeded to answer the question by saying that the poll was not rigged and imitated that EC3 should look in a mirror because he is asking for management to give him a title shot instead of earning it. As a result of this, I expect EC3 is going to interfere in the title match this week and attack James Storm essentially giving Lashley an easy win or cause a disqualification. This is because EC3 wants to send the message that he is tired of getting passed over for the next title shot. The following week management decides to punish EC3 for interfering in world title match by suspending him indefinitely to discourage wrestlers from getting involved in these matches in the future.

Throughout the suspension, EC3 comes to the realization that he must take down management in restore order within the company but knows that he cannot do it alone. Due to this, the creative team should have EC3 recruit Eli Drake as his primary partner in this mission because there have been reports that Drake has been unhappy with the direction of the company in recent weeks. According to 411mania, there were several wrestlers who felt that management was taking shots at them. As a result, “Eli Drake became upset and confronted Jeff Jarrett about it, and the two had a meeting, which reportedly did not get ugly but was described as Drake voicing frustrations that the existing roster was having with the changeover last week.” Therefore, the company could film a backstage scene where Drake is talking on the phone with someone. Over the next couple of weeks, James Storm is begging management to reinstate EC3 for a match at Slammiversary, and eventually, they give him his wish. During the match, Drake attacks Storm to the surprise of everyone and helps EC3 win. The following Thursday, they come out and say while we haven’t seen eye-to-eye in the past, we have decided to join forces to regain control of the company. Over the next few weeks, they decide that the best way to achieve this goal is by capturing all the titles. Therefore, they agree that Drake will target the Grand Championship and EC3 will go after the world title while they will recruit more members to capture the other three titles.

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