Colin Kaepernick Is A Symbol Of The Struggle Between Being An Individual Or Becoming A Human-Robot​

Throughout history, authority figures have tried to impose rules and standards on individuals as a guide to what is acceptable and not acceptable to do within society. These rules and standards allow authority figures to avoid a potential protest from employees or citizens and maintain power, but it has, as a byproduct, hindered the evolution of society. As humans fear of being turned away or shunned from society should they not conform to the rules. This effectively strips the individual of the support of society and thus his or her ability to accomplish personal goals in life. The fear is not unfounded as Colin Kaepernick has yet to sign with a team because he refuses to abide by the usual societal standards of a quarterback. NFL teams expect a quarterback to be the face of the franchise and embody the values of their organization. As a result, they are supposed to be the hardest working player on the team which means that they are the first player to enter the building and the last one to leave. A quarterback’s work ethic is supposed to set an example for the rest of the team that to be successful as a player/ team they must do everything it takes to work on their weaknesses as well as finding the weaknesses of the opponent. Furthermore, a quarterback is expected to be a model citizen who will not create an off the field distraction. As a result, the team won’t have to worry about losing a section of the fanbase over something the quarterback said or did.

However, since Colin decided to be an advocate against the oppression of African Americans and minorities by sitting for the national anthem, teams are afraid to sign him in fear of losing a section of the fanbase. This is because the American society has taught us that standing for the national anthem is a way to pay respect for the men who fought for our independence and for the troops who are currently fighting to protect it. As a result, every time a celebrity or athlete refuses to stand they receive immediate backlash because it is portrayed as if they did not care about the sacrifice of those men and troops. When in reality, we should be willing to listen to their opinion with an open mind and see whether our beliefs are flawed or not. But unfortunately, it is unlikely that people would take this approach because they are afraid that society will give them backlash for taking this stance. For example, a person might get a substantial amount of hate comments or get shamed by loved ones. Due to this, most people will keep their opinions to themselves and just follow orders from their superiors which essentially turns them into human robots.

While it may seem like the NFL has different rules from the rest of society that is not the case as the NFL is just an example of the American society. The American Society has taught us that the main way to be completely accepted and revered by society is by getting a degree and finding a job in their respective career path. Due to this, parents are always telling their kids to focus on school because they don’t want their children to become a source of laughter for the society. As a result, kids embrace the daily grind of the traditional education system because they want to avoid being a laughingstock. Under this system, students are required to attend 7 to 8 classes per day, at least 3 of which give students work to do at home every day. According to, students in California “average about 3.1 hours of homework each night”. This means that students spend approximately 11 hours a day doing school-related activities. Any free time a student has is used to recharge batteries, not to cultivate his or her passions and what makes you different. Put another way, not only are humans forced to abide by rules and standards to conform to society, but those same norms and criteria do not leave any room and space to find time to be different. The combination of these factors has forced humans to behave more like robots than an individual, waking up and focusing on doing the task they were assigned until it is time to go bed.

After American citizens graduate from the traditional education system, they are usually expected to enter corporate America. A person who is going to corporate America will quickly learn that they must give up the minimal free time that was given to them while in the education system (sleep or mandatory vacation) to be on call at all times. According to, they conducted a poll in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health which revealed that “about half of Americans who work 50-plus hours a week say they don’t take all or most of the vacation they’ve earned”. Furthermore, thirty percent of the people who participate in the poll say that when they do decide to go on vacation, they still do a significant amount of work. As a result, the only difference between each individual is the name of their respective field.

In conclusion, I ask you guys a serious question, can we be successful as individuals or do people like Colin Kaepernick have to become a human robot to be successful?

NFL Teams Should Avoid Trading For Richard Sherman

NFL Teams Should Avoid Trading For Richard Sherman

Even though the Seattle Seahawks are looking to trade Richard Sherman this off-season, they should have a difficult time finding a trade partner. This is because over the past six seasons, Pete Carroll has implemented a defensive system that is centered around the cover three defense. According to Bleacher Report, in a cover three defense cornerbacks are told to cover the deep outside third of the field. As a result of this, they usually stand 7 or 8 yards away from the line of scrimmage and only worry about covering the area between the line of scrimmage and the numbers. This particular alignment for the cornerback is meant to give them extra time to turn their bodies to get in position to defend the potential streak, fade or stop and go route. On the other hand, the linebackers and the strong safety are responsible for covering all the short routes across the middle and boundaries. Meanwhile, the free safety is in charge of defending all the deep routes across the middle or offering help to the cornerbacks if he is having problems stopping the deep ball.


DB Outside Third
Therefore, other NFL teams should avoid trading for Richard Sherman because a significant amount of those teams have their cornerbacks follow a receiver all over the field. In these situations, the cornerback must figure out where the receiver is going and proceed to make the proper first step. For instance, if they are aligned on the right side of the field, and the receiver goes towards the inside, the cornerback must step to the left with his right leg to open up his hips in that direction. As a result, they can limit the amount of distance between them and the receiver. However, since Sherman has been playing in a cover three defense, he isn’t used to opening his hips in both directions. For example, right now he is only used to opening his hips towards the sideline which means that if he is on the right side, he uses the left leg and steps to the right. The easiest way to beat him is by going towards the middle of the field where he has to go in that direction.

Julio Jones vs Richard Sherman Full Game Highlights | Week 6 2016 |
Due to this, if a team were to acquire him they would need to give him anywhere between a couple of games to a full season to adjust to opening his hips in both directions. But unfortunately, he won’t get this opportunity because the team will have to give up multiple draft picks to acquire his services. As a result, the front office and ownership are going to put pressure on the coaching staff to feature Sherman against number one receivers for the entire game. This is because they want to give Sherman as many chances as possible to prove that trading for him was a worthy investment. Therefore Sherman will have a less than stellar season because receivers will attack the middle of the field which is his current weakness.

The Dallas Cowboys Have A 2 Year Window To Win The Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys Have A 2 Year Window To Win The Super Bowl

Throughout last NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys decided to implement an offensive system that was centered around the running game and the play-action passing game. For instance, during the first two downs of a series, Dak Prescott would hand the ball off to Ezekiel Elliott in an attempt to force the opposing team to stack the box and set up a manageable third down. If the strategy was successful, the Cowboys called a play action pass where Dak would fake the handoff and go in the opposite direction to throw the ball to the flat or the crossing route fifteen yards down field. However, on occasion, Dak would fake the handoff to freeze the defense momentarily which allowed the receivers to get some separation as they try to complete a slant, in or out route. As a result of this, the Cowboys offense was able to stay on the field for a longer period which means that the opposing team had less time to feast on their defense. In fact, according to, the Cowboys offense was on the field for an average of “31:23” thus the defense was only on the field for 28:37.

Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys Offense Film Review vs Cincinnati Bengals

Although this offensive system is expected to be in place for the foreseeable future, there is a reason to believe that the Cowboys will alter the system in 2019. 2019 is currently scheduled to be the final year Dak Prescott’s rookie contract. Therefore ownership is going to put pressure on the coaching staff to feature Prescott as the focal point of the offense. This is because ownership will want to see if Dak can make all the throws and carry the offense without depending on Elliott before they make a decision on whether to give him a franchise quarterback contract. As a result, the Cowboys will dial back on the play action bootlegs where he would fake the handoff to the running backs and roll out in the opposite direction to hit the wide open tight end. Instead, they will call the traditional three to five step drop passing plays to gauge whether Dak can make the right decision with the football when the defense is ready for a pass. The combination of these factors means that the offense will spend less time on the field because of incompletions, interceptions, sacks or big plays that result in short drives. As a consequence of this, the defense is likely to be on the field for a longer period which means that the opposing team has more time to feast on them. Therefore it is safe to say that the Cowboys best opportunity to reach the super bowl is in the next two years.


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