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By way of introduction, my name is Zamir Bueno.

I graduated LIU Brooklyn with a cum laude degree in Accounting and a yearning to gain experience in analyzing and growing a business of my own before throwing myself into another passion of mine, teasing out the nuances of someone else’s lives and finances as an Accountant. In 2017, i opened this website to cover  personal passions of mine (NFL, NBA, MMA & Pro Wrestling) . At the time, I felt that the media failed to look beyond the surface and was missing the big picture time and time again. My hope was to bring a unique perspective to sports, one that the mainstream media was not giving.

Now I’m sure some people are wondering what is the origin behind the name “Disabled Sports”. I was born with a condition called cerebral palsy that affects the development of the brain either during pregnancy or shortly after birth. This condition has affected my ability to move around and speak clearly as well as many other things. Therefore i picked the Disabled Sports as a way to combine my real life with my passion for sports


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