How MIles Bridges Can Become A Successful NBA Player

How MIles Bridges Was Used At Michigan State

Throughout the 2017-18 season, the Michigan State Spartans primarily used MIles Bridges as an off the ball perimeter player. For instance, MIles would jog up one of the wings as another perimeter player brought the basketball up to the three-point line. Once this happened, Bridges would station himself behind the three-point line anywhere between the wing and corner. He would stay in that spot for most of the possession unless the perimeter player could not find an open angle or lane to pass the ball into the post successfully. If this happens, the perimeter player passed the basketball directly to MIles Bridges, or he would pass it to a second player who was in charge of giving the ball to Bridges. After MIles received the basketball, he would analyze the defender to determine the next course of action. If the defender gives him space, he would shoot the three-pointer. On the other hand, if the defender plays him tight, would either pass the ball to a teammate or drive towards the basket for an easy basket, to draw a foul or attract a double team. However, if the perimeter player found an open angle or lane to pass the ball into the post successfully, MIles Bridges would stand behind the three-point line as a bystander.

How MIles Bridges Should Be Used In The NBA

As a result of this, MIles Bridges should be selected by an NBA team that has an offensive system similar to Michigan State or a player who can suck in the defense. This is because Bridges spent the majority of his college career as an off the ball perimeter player that it is the quickest way for him to have an impact in the NBA. However, if the team wants him to be more of a playmaker, he would need a minimum of a few months to adjust the new role. For example, MIles would need a significant amount of practice to see if he could improve his court vision, ball handling and passing ability to the point where he becomes an above average playmaker on a consistent basis.