How To Beat Gennady Golovkin

Throughout his boxing career, Gennady Golovkin has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents until they are within striking range. If he is successful, Golovkin will repeatedly throw the left jab until he can get his lead left foot around the opponent’s lead foot to eliminate the small space between them. Unfortunately, when Gennady throws the punch, most of the opponents will slide out of range to avoid getting hit with the strike. Eventually, these fighters find themselves near or up against the ring ropes with little room to maneuver. Once this happens, Gennady Golovkin will pay attention to the hand placement of the opponent to determine the next course of action. For instance, if the opponent places the hands at jaw level or higher,  Golovkin will target the body by repeatedly throwing left and right hooks. This is because the opponent usually can’t drop his fists in time to block or deflect the strike. On the other hand, if the opponent places the hands below the jaw, Gennady will target the head by throwing overhand rights or left and right hooks.

However, one can argue that the recipe to defeat Gennady Golovkin is to stand your ground within the pocket. When an opponent chooses to stand in the pocket with him, Golovkin usually shells up for a couple of seconds in hopes that they start using movement again. This is because Gennady is used to the opponents trying to avoid his punches that he hasn’t developed a strategy for when they stay in the pocket. As a result of this, the opponent has a small window of opportunity to string some punches together without having to worry about being countered. For instance, Kell Brook had some success in the second round against Gennady Golovkin because he remained in the pocket which forced triple G to cover up. Once this happened,  Kell landed a left jab, hook, and uppercut as well as a right hook. Another example of this is the Daniel Jacobs fight, Jacobs decided to stay in the pocket for the second half of the bout. During these rounds, Daniel landed a substantial amount of hooks to the head and body because Golovkin was just covering up.