Justin Gaethje Prioritizes Entertainment Over Winning

Throughout his MMA, Justin Gaethje has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them into striking range. If he is successful, Justin will throw a few leg kicks to start the process of limiting the mobility of the opponent. For example, if Justin is facing an orthodox fighter, he will attack the lead left leg by throwing a right outside kick mixed with an occasioned left inside kick. On the other hand, if Gaethje faces a southpaw, he will attack the lead right leg by throwing a right inside kick mixed with an occasioned left outside kick. Once Justin Gaethje is done throwing the initial sequence of leg kicks, he will stand in place and cover up his face until the opponent completes the counter-attack. After the opponent completes the counter-attack, Justin will restart the process of throwing leg kicks. Eventually, the fight comes down to which fighter can withstand the most punishment.

However, one can argue Justin Gaethje’s fighting style has been the catalyst for his losses in MMA. This is because every time he moves forward to close the distance, Justin always maintains his hands at or above the jawline. Due to this, Gaethje is regularly giving his opponents an opportunity to land punches to the body without resistance. For instance, Eddie Alvarez threw a lot of hooks and uppercuts to the body whenever Justin Gaethje stopped throwing his leg kicks. The body punches kept zapping Justin of energy to the point where his body gave out in the third round from one final blow.

Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje Fight Video UFC 218

Due to this, one would assume that Justin Gaethje prioritizes having entertaining fights over winning because if he truly cared about winning; Gaethje would circle out after throwing leg kicks. Circling out would reduce the opponent’s ability to land a counter attack because Gaethje wouldn’t be within striking range. Furthermore, it would force the opponent to waste a bit of energy dragging the damaged leg around. Once he gets out of range, he can pick a spot in the octagon to wait for the opponent, and when he gets there, Justin can restart the process of throwing leg kicks and circling out. If Justin Gaethje can successfully implement the game plan for the first half of the fight, the opponent should become more of a stationary target in the latter half. As a result, he should have the opportunity to stand his ground and throw more power punches.