How Josh Rosen Can Become A Successful NFL Quarterback

Throughout the 2017 season, the UCLA Bruins had their quarterback Josh Rosen taking snaps from under center and shotgun formation. For instance, their quarterback Josh Rosen lined up about five yards behind the center with a running back beside or behind him and a two to four wide receiver set. After the play begins, he will hold the ball usually for a couple of seconds to allow the receivers to get eight to twelve yards downfield. Once this happens, Josh will target a receiver on a slant, streak, in, seam or corner route. However, there are instances where Rosen takes the football from under center. For example, Josh Rosen lined up directly behind the center with the running back five yards away from him and two to three receivers flanking the perimeter. After the play begins, he will take a three, five or seven step drop and immediately throw the ball to a receiver on a slant, curl, in or out route.

As a result of this, Josh Rosen is the only quarterback in the 2018 draft class who can play right away if necessary. This is because most NFL organizations want their quarterback to learn how to play in a pro-style offense. A pro-style offense requires that the quarterback take a substantial amount of the snaps directly from under center. Once the play begins, the team would like the quarterback to take a three, five or seven step drop before throwing the ball. Unfortunately most college quarterbacks are use to taking the majority of the snaps from shotgun formation. Due to this, college quarterbacks need  one to two years of repetitions to get used to throwing the ball from a  three, five or seven-step drop. However, Josh Rosen is one of few college quarterbacks who developed a habit of taking snaps from under center. Therefore, he won’t have to spend the first one to two years of his career learning how to master the technique of the three, five or seven-step drop.