How Mo Bamba Can Become A Successful NBA Player

Throughout the 2017-18 season, the Texas Longhorns have primarily used Mohamed “Mo” Bamba as a screener in the pick and roll. For example, the point guard would bring the ball up to the three-point line and then Mo would set a screen. Once the pick is set, he will analyze how the defender chooses to defend him. For instance, if his defender decides to come up and cover the point guard, he can roll to the basket. On the other hand, if his defender chooses to stay back, he can pop out to the free throw line to shoot a jumper. However, there are instances where Mo Bamba will stand at the top of the key waiting to receive a pass from the point guard. Once this happens, Bamba will pass the ball to a third perimeter player and proceed to restart the process of setting a screen. Unfortunately, a significant amount of opposing teams will give him space because he is a below average shooter. According to ESPN, he has a career shooting percentage of 27.5 percent from behind the arc.

Butler Bulldogs vs Texas Longhorns /NCAA Men’s Basketball on November 23, 2017

Texas Longhorns vs Alabama Crimson Tide on December 22nd, 2017

Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas Longhorns on February 3rd, 2018

As a result of this, the NBA team who selects Mo Bamba in the draft should implement a similar system to the Texas Longhorns. This is because Bamba has developed a habit of being a screener in the pick and roll that it is the quickest way for him to have an impact in the NBA. However if an NBA team wants him to be further away from the basket, he would need a few months to a full season of repetitions to see if he could  develop consistency in the three-point shot.




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