Douglas Lima’s Fighting Style Will Lead To His Downfall Vs Rory MacDonald 

Throughout his Bellator MMA tenure, Douglas Lima has shown a tendency to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them into striking range. If Lima is successful, he will feint or throw the left jab followed by a straight/ overhand right to get the opponent to raise their hands to block the punches. When the adversary raises their hands, it gives him an opportunity to use the right leg kick without having to worry about the opponent catching the kick. For instance, during the second fight against Andrey Koreshkov, Lima feinted or threw the left jab followed by a straight/ overhand right. The strategy forced Koreshkov to elevate his hands by a couple of inches to shield his face from the punches. As a result, Lima had an open window to throw and land the right leg kick because Koreshkov’s hands were out of range to catch the kick. Eventually, the strategy helped Lima Douglas Lima pick up a knockout victory over Andrey Koreshkov.

However, Rory MacDonald has most likely been made aware of Lima’s tendencies by his coaches at TriStar and Toshido MMA. As a result,  MacDonald will look to interrupt his combination by ducking under and attempting a takedown after the jab. If he is successful, Rory will try to land some ground and pound with the right hand or elbow. On the other hand, if Rory isn’t able to complete the first couple takedowns, it will at least force Lima to start over again and possibly be hesitant to throw punches. This opens the door for Rory to throw the left jab followed by the straight/overhand right without much resistance from Douglas Lima.

Ultimately this strategy should help Rory MacDonald cruise towards a decision  victory over Douglas Lima to become the new Bellator welterweight champion.

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