Floyd Mayweather Will Take It Easy On Conor McGregor To Open The Door For A Rematch

Throughout this week, there have been several reports stating that the bout agreement for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor had been finalized. In fact, according to Yahoo Sports, the fight will take place on August 26th “at the MGM Grand Garden or T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.” Although most people expect this fight to be a one-time event, there is a reason to believe that Floyd will take it easy on Conor; to open up the door for a rematch in the future. This is because, for the past year, the potential fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has been a constant topic of conversation among the mainstream media. As a result, the media knows that the build up to the fight is bound to have several moments that are meant to create constant conversation among fans. Due to this, media members will continue to talk about the fight until it happens since it is an easy way to boost radio/TV ratings or website traffic. Eventually, the hype for this fight will be so big which will make Floyd realize that there is a possibility to make more money in the second fight with Conor; if he lets Conor win a few rounds. As a result of this, Floyd could have a strategy where he allows Conor back him up against the ropes during the first half of the fight. Giving McGregor several opportunities to land the straight left without being afraid that Floyd will circle out to the right. Due to this, judges will be forced to score some of the early rounds for Conor because he is throwing more punches. However, once the second half of the fight starts, Floyd will begin to control the fight by throwing the left jab and circling out to the right which means that he will be landing and moving away before Conor can counter.

Although Mayweather will end up winning the fight, the media and casual fans will start to push the narrative that a fighter with no boxing experience was able to compete with Floyd thus imagine what he could do with more experience.  As a result, McGregor will try to convince the UFC that he should take another boxing match against an opponent who will make him look good. On the other hand, he could inform the UFC that he is taking a couple more months off to further his boxing skills. If either of these situations happens, the media and casual fans will start to say he has a better chance of beating Mayweather because he gained more experience thus a second fight needs to happen. Therefore Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will book a second fight with the premise that the public wants to see it. When in reality, Floyd would have manipulated the public into thinking this because he sees an opportunity to earn more money.

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