J.J. Redick Isn’t The Right Fit For The Philadelphia 76ers

Even though prominent media members are suggesting that the Philadelphia 76ers should pursue J.J. Redick in free agency, it would be ill-advised for them to do so. Throughout next season the Philadelphia 76ers are going to implement an offensive system that showcases Ben Simmons’s ability to pass the ball and get to the basket. As a result, they are expected to adopt a similar offense to that of the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron James. In this offensive system, Simmons is supposed to walk the ball up until the three-point line and evaluates how the defenders are positioned. For instance, if a defender is playing off of a three-point shooter, he is supposed to pass the ball to the wide open shooter. On the other hand, if all the defenders are staying close to their man he is expected to evaluate the size of his defender. If the defender is smaller than him, he should post up in the mid to low block and back him down until he can to a spot where he can shoot a jumper. But if his defender is the same size as him he should use his speed and strength to get around him to attack the basket. However, there will be some instances where the defense will collapse on him, and he should pass the ball to the perimeter for the wide open three. Although this playing style has been extremely useful for the Cavaliers, the 76ers may take another page out of Cleveland’s playbook to prevent from becoming a predictable offense. For example, the team may have Simmons act like he is going to post up at the free throw line and have him pass the ball to a teammate doing a backdoor cut to the basket.

As a result of the change in offensive philosophy to fit the skill set of Simmons, the 76ers will need to acquire some more shooters to stop the other team from collapsing everyone into the paint. Therefore one would assume that a player like J.J. Redick is an ideal complementarity alongside Ben Simmons since he has shown the ability to hit the catch and shoot three effectively. According to NBA.com, JJ shot 44.9 percent on catch and shoot threes during the regular season. Due to this, his defender is unlikely to double team Ben thus giving him more space to attack the basket. However if his defender chooses to collapse, Ben can kick it to him with confidence because he has shown the ability to make a wide open catch and shoot three.

However, it would be ill-advised for the Philadelphia 76ers to sign J.J. Redick this off-season. This is because Ben Simmons has yet to play with his teammates in a regular season game thus it will take them some time to figure each other’s tendencies. During this process, there should be a lot of turnovers, spacing issues and questions about when a player is supposed to shoot the ball. These chemistry growing pains should cost them a significant number of games throughout the regular season which will preclude them from being a real threat to the Cavs next season. Due to this, Redick isn’t an ideal fit for the team because he is currently in the middle to back end of his prime as he will be 33 years old at the beginning of next season. As a result, by the time Philadelphia is ready to challenge Cleveland, Redick should begin to experience a decline in physical performance due to age. Therefore the team should target three point shooters who are just entering or approaching their prime years (i.e., Tony Snell and/or Bojan Bogdanović) thus decreasing the likelihood of a potential decline by the time Philadelphia is ready to challenge Cleveland.

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