The UFC Should Feature CM Punk On Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series

Even though CM Punk lost his fight at UFC 203 which severely hurts the amount of money that the UFC can make from his celebrity, the company should still keep him on the roster. Due to the fact that, the UFC recently announced that Dana White is launching a contenders series later this year on fight pass. In fact, according to, the series will air every Tuesday night beginning on July 11th with five fights per episode. Furthermore, the series will showcase “up-and-coming talent, as well as athletes striving to revive their professional mixed martial arts careers.” As a result of this concept, the organization has an opportunity at their disposal to use the popularity that CM Punk has accumulated during his time in pro wrestling as a way to grow the company without drawing the ire of hardcore fans.  This is because the UFC can easily say that Punk is looking for one last opportunity to revive his career/ dream after an embarrassing debut against Mickey Gail. Therefore UFC fans and media are less likely to complain about this because they are aware of the description of the show.

Due to this, the UFC can kill two birds with one stone because they can book him on a contender series card which will lead him to promote the card on his personal Twitter account (2.71 million followers). As a result, his loyal fans will have the opportunity to follow his progression in mixed martial arts. Therefore CM Punk has unintentionally exposed a portion of his fanbase to fight pass network which means the company has an opportunity to turn them into fans. For instance, if Punk’s fans enjoyed the other fights on the card, they will be more likely to subscribe to UFC fight pass (9.99 per month)  and check out the next card. Furthermore, the contenders series will allow CM Punk and the company to see whether he is developing his skills as a fighter and if he has the passion to keep fighting in the future.

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