Holly Holm Should Resurrect Her Career Vs Bethe Correia

Throughout her MMA career, Holly Holm has shown a willingness to surrender octagon or cage space in an attempt to force the opponent to be the aggressor and close the distance. This strategy gives her a chance to pick up tendencies and defensive flaws she could exploit during the fight. For instance, during the fight against Raquel Pennington, Holm realized that Pennington was coming towards her in a straight line with the hands at chest height which meant that the head and body were wide open. Due to this, every time Pennington would get within striking range Holm would try to land a straight left to the head or right side-kick in an attempt to make Pennington stop her progress. This strategy allowed Holm to get the victory because she was able to be the more effective striker and move out of range before Pennington could land a counter.

Holly Holm vs Raquel Pennington : UFC 184

Therefore Bethe Correia is the perfect stylistic match up to resurrect the career of Holly Holm. This is because she has shown a tendency to move forward until her opponent is in striking range. Once that happens Bethe will carry her hands at chest height and look to throw one power punch at a time (usually the straight right hand); with the intention of severely hurting or knocking out her opponent. However, Correia’s over aggressiveness will make the fight easier for Holm as she can afford to sit back and look for defensive flaws. Due to this, Holm should quickly realize that Correia maintains her hands at chest height, which means that her head and body are completely exposed. As a result, Holm can repeatedly throw the right side kick to the body or straight left hand to the head. Eventually, Correia should begin to chase Holm to get her into striking range which should open up some more vulnerabilities and lead to a Holm victory.

Bethe Correia vs. Jessica Eye full fight video

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