Bray Wyatt Should Be The Catalyst For The Rebirth Of Broken Matt Hardy

Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports that the WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling in regards to releasing the rights of the “Broken Matt Hardy” character. According to, “Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling to use the character on television.” As a result of this, the WWE has allowed Matt Hardy to start teasing the return of the character in the ring. For instance, the company has begun to keep the camera on Hardy when is making the delete motion which wasn’t the case for his return at Wrestlemania. Furthermore, Hardy has hinted on Twitter that the character is close to returning. For example, on April 28th he stated that “The OBSOLETE Owl cannot evade my #BROKENBrilliance by flying away.. DELETION is coming”. Although it is exciting to hear that the return of the broken character is imminent, the company needs to develop a storyline that causes Hardy to transition into the character. This is because a significant portion of the company’s fan base doesn’t watch any wrestling outside of the WWE. Therefore if Hardy were to transform into the character without an explanation some of the fan base will be confused.

As a result, I suggest that Bray Wyatt show up on Raw tomorrow night and start attacking random wrestlers because out of anger; that he wasn’t able to exact revenge on Randy Orton for burning down the resting place of Sister Abigail. One of the wrestlers he chooses to attack is Bo Dallas (his brother in real life) and decides to take him hostage. The following week the Hardy Boyz cut a promo saying that we have beaten every tag team on the Raw roster except the Revival; who are currently out of action due to Dash Wilder suffering a fractured jaw. As a result, they issue an open challenge to anybody backstage which leads to Bray coming out with Bo in Wyatt family ring attire. These four men have a match that ends in a double count out because they are brawling. The next week, the Hardy Boyz call out the Wyatt family because they have unfinished business with them. Due to this, they have another match which also ends in a count out due to brawling once again. However, in this brawl, the Hardys place Bo on a table which leads to Jeff jumping off a ladder onto Bo. Shortly after that Michael Cole announces that Bo is out indefinitely with broken ribs.

The following week Bray cuts a promo saying that the Hardy’s tried to eliminate the only thing he has left to care about which is his remaining disciple Bo Dallas and for that it has now become personal. As Raw is coming to a close Bray is shown in front of Matt Hardy’s house inferring that he is about to take his family hostage. The following week, Matt shows up at the arena pissed off looking for Bray because he can’t find his wife and kids. He is unable to find Bray in the stadium which leads him to call Orton in search of Bray’s address, and he gets it. He goes to the address but nobody is there, and he emotionally breaks down. The next week Matt goes to the ring and says I will sit here until someone tells me where Bray is and he proceeds to stay there for twenty minutes beating down every single wrestler that comes out while making noises from the broken character. For the next couple of weeks, this process continues until Bray shows up on the screen and says let’s have an unsanctioned fight at this address where your family is. In the buildup to the fight, Matt declares himself broken beyond repair and says to Bray you will find out what my broken condition is all about. Eventually, Matt wins the fight and gets his family back.

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