Daniel Cormier Doesn’t Have The Skill Set To Beat Jon Jones

Throughout his UFC career, Jon Jones has shown to a tendency to want to prove that he is better than his opponents in every single aspect of mixed martial arts (MMA). As a result of this, every time Jones goes into the octagon he has the mindset that the fight will take place in the area where his opponents are strongest. For instance, at UFC 126 Jon Jones fought Ryan Bader who was a decorated wrestler at Arizona State University during the early to mid-2000’s. In fact, according to thesundevils.com Ryan Bader was an all-American wrestler at 197 pounds during the 2004-05 season after getting fourth place in the 2004 NCAA Championships. Due to his wrestling background, Jones entered the Octagon with the mindset that he was going to take down Bader. This is because he wanted to let Bader know that his most effective weapon was useless against him. Therefore Jones successfully attempted and captured a double leg take down thirty seconds into their fight and proceeded to grapple with him for the majority of the fight until he got the guillotine choke in the second round.

Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader Video ( Full Fight ) : UFC 126

Therefore the only fighters who have a realistic shot of beating Jon Jones are strikers with one punch or kick knockout power. This is because Jones is going to enter those fights with the mindset of trying to knock them out before they can land a big punch or kick. As a result of this, Jones may get caught in an exchange which knocks him out. Unfortunately, Daniel Cormier’s strength is wrestling which takes much longer to produce a finish thus giving Jones more time to figure out how he will get back up and reset if in any danger. Furthermore, Jones will probably spend the majority of his training camp in close quarters because he wants to make Daniel aware of the fact that his wrestling will be ineffective against him. As a result of this Jones should win by a unanimous decision if he makes it to the octagon.

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