Donald Cerrone’s Fighting Style Should Continue To Prevent Him From Becoming A UFC Champion

Throughout his UFC career, Donald Cerrone has shown a tendency to constantly try to walk down his opponents in an attempt to get them into striking range. This trend has helped Cerrone win the majority of his UFC fights because his opponents didn’t have the stamina to cut angles in the process of moving backward to avoid any strikes from landing. Due to this, some opponents are forced to give into his pressure because they would attempt to cut angles and experience early fatigue from a lack of stamina which would put them in a position to have to exchange with him. On the other hand, some opponents came to the conclusion that they were better off trading punches with him because they were aware of the fact that they didn’t have the stamina to cut angles. As a result of this, Cerrone would have ample opportunities to get within his striking range and inflict damage on his opponents. During these occasions, he would mainly throw a right leg kick followed up by a left kick to the body or a left jab with an occasional left head kick mixed in.

Although this strategy has given Cerrone so much success, there are a few flaws within this strategy that can be easily exploited. For instance, when he would try to walk down his opponents Cerrone would always carry his hands at chest height. As a result, he would leave his head and body wide open to be countered. For instance, Jorge Masvidal was able to repeatedly land the left jab followed by the straight right to the head without much resistants from Cerrone. This is because he thought his chin was firm enough to withstand the counters from Masvidal; While he applied constant pressure in hopes of getting Masvidal to waste a substantial amount of energy trying to create distance between the two that he would eventually wear down. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as Masvidal was able to stop him via TKO in the second round of their fight. Therefore it is unlikely that Cerrone ever becomes a UFC champion with this style because of these flaws.


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