The WWE Missed An Opportunity To Book AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe At Wrestlemania 33

Even though AJ Styles is scheduled to face Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 33, the WWE could’ve used Shane to set up AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe at the show. Over the past two months, the WWE has portrayed Samoa Joe as a hired gun for the McMahon family. For instance, when Seth Rollins was about to fight Triple H for the first time since he screwed him out of the universal title, Joe came from behind and attacked Seth for Triple H. As a result of this, when AJ Styles ambushed Shane McMahon backstage two weeks ago because McMahon wouldn’t honor his rematch clause for the WWE title, Shane could’ve easily called Triple H or Stephanie to ask them if he could borrow Joe to handle AJ. During this phone call, Triple H or Stephanie would’ve most likely given Shane permission to use Joe because there is an unwritten rule in the American society which states that when an outsider attacks a family member the family tends to unite to fight off the foreign threat. Once he acquired the services of Samoa Joe, Shane could’ve told AJ ” it is unbecoming of me to lay hands on my employees. But if you still want to unleash the pent-up frustration you have towards me against someone else, I’ve got the right guy for the job his name is Samoa Joe”. For the next couple of weeks, AJ acts like a man who only wants to fight Shane, but each time he is close to him, Joe is there to attack him.

Therefore Shane sets up a match between AJ and Joe for WrestleMania with a stipulation that if AJ wins he gets a one on one match with Shane at a future network special. However, if he does not win the match, he cannot appear on SmackDown for a year. Due to this, they would have a match at WrestleMania, but near the end of the match Shane comes out and screws AJ effectively doing a double turn. Therefore he is forced to leave SmackDown and go to Raw (which is the current rumor) where he reunites with the Club to immediately start a feud with the chosen ones from the authority (Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and possibly Finn Balor). This is because AJ becomes aware that Joe is working for the authority (by watching the product). As a result, he knows that they played a major role in him not being able to exact revenge on Shane and caused him to leave SmackDown. Due to this, AJ has one goal in mind which is destroying the authority which essentially turns him into the anti-establishment character.

As a result of this, The WWE creative team would’ve killed two birds with one stone. This is because they followed Vince’s orders of having Shane involved in a storyline with AJ while at the same time putting AJ in a match that is more appealing to the fans. Therefore it would eliminate any complaints from the fans that one of the best wrestlers in the world is being misused on the biggest show of the year (Wrestlemania 33). Furthermore running this storyline means that the WWE has their main angle in place for the next year thus fans wouldn’t have to figure out what is next for these eight characters.  But unfortunately, since Vince believes he can dictate what the fans like AJ vs. Joe didn’t happen.

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